Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trendspotting: Sex, Fabric, and Wallpaper (oh, my)

I often say that I have a photographic memory ONLY for things that are only useful in my field. Nothing else. Not even close. I can remember what trim a colleague used on a pillow in 2005. The manufacturer, price, and larger design scheme. None of these details are relevant to everyday life, but this is just ME.
Example: Sex and the City 2...I saw the fabric (Belgravia/Lee Jofa) on a chair this month in the Lee Jofa showroom in Boston.

For the best round up of interior design used in the SATC2 movie, see Habitually Chic's post here


And this week in the pages of InStyle...same pattern. Different colorway and application (wallpaper by Cole and Sons for Lee Jofa). It was used by a decorator for Dita Von Teese, a famous burlesque dancer based in Los Angeles.

From Sex and the City, to one of the Sexiest Women alive, I memorize the details of these inspired and sexy interiors.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I feel we need to look at some color to warm us in the midst of this New England snowstorm.

Same home, different colors:

My first reaction, was, REALLY? Who redesigns their own home and posts it as part of their portfolio? C'mon. Then after some thought I decided that design clients probably won't let us put pink/orange on the walls very often....and its's REALLY fun to see! I enjoy both interpretations and appreciate the layered color, textures, and overall eclectic style.

This is the designer's bedroom, she had no room for a headboard so created her own out of wallpaper (Chiang Mai Dragon from F. Schumacher & Co.) and framed it with molding (genius). Sconces eliminate the need for nightstands. Great solutions and style for a small space.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coastal Color Palate-Gray

Creams and Taupe with gray (think stones) undertones.
Inspired by driftwood.
Cool grey-blues of New England rather than the tropical aquas of warmer climates...

Benjamin Moore options, above,
And Benjamin Moore's Chelsea Gray, below:

Chelsea Gray in an apartment-what a difference bold neutrals can make!

I was consulting inside a hair salon yesterday, hoping the owner will let go of her peach and green striped in favor of two shades of gray, with black, white, and ocean accents. Her work is quite chic and I hope she allows her space to reflect her work.

I spy silver, gray, and charcoal in this room.
photo via alkemie

Because LIGHT is the biggest consideration in choosing paint color, here are some shades to play with. Keep in mind the light in your space cannot be replicated inside a paint store, so tester pots are key.

Benjamin Moore's Elephant Gray for when you want more silver.

BM's Gray Tint

For a bluer undertone, which is often a nice way to go, try Benjamin Moore's Oxford Gray.

Do's and Don'ts:

DON'T Do this unless you are really good at visualizing:

Paint color (like all color) looks different when next to another color. It can take on a different hue. Narrow your choices to two or three, paint LARGE pieces of paper, and hang one at a time for a day or two.


Use healthy paint. Benjamin Moore's Aura covers like a dream. It can often take one coat, without primer, and is missing the nasty chemicals found in most big box stores.

 If you have little ones I recommend Natura. The chemicals, called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) off-gas and irritate lungs and are linked to other diseases.