Thursday, March 1, 2012

Notes from a Maine Interior Designer: natural beauty

I have been in Maine for all of 20 months. Not going to sugar coat it (although I am pressured to do so, daily), it has been a culture shock. I love the people I have met. I moved here for family, and every minute I get to spend with them is treasured. I lived most of my life on the other side of the country. Silly interactions (borrowing the truck, playing phone tag, stopping by to swipe the sunday paper) have become cherished experiences.
But creatively, I have had to learn where to look for inspiration. I am no longer surrounded by cutting edge boutiques, manufacturing warehouses, the warm pacific coast, etc. So when it snows....I go for walks with the with my iphone.. The colors, the natural lines created in the snow by the harsh New England wind....inspires me and awakens my creative senses. As an Interior Designer, I need these creative experiences. I pour my heart, soul, and creativity into my clients's spaces. Part of growing as a designer is learning how to "refill". Yesterday we got oh....a foot of snow. It was gorgeous. If you don't mind, I would like to share my one walk around the block I took...20 minutes produced THIS:

yes, skiing down the street in front of my house...
Gorgeous Newfoundland was at home in the snow... ocean view, ocean WIND
So odd, we usually leave footprints in the snow, not footprints of snow?

There is a smiling baby being held by his mother in the upstairs window-both are watching Dad clear snow.

Take 5 minutes...turn off all the noise and enjoy what is around you.