Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Monday!

Sometimes we need motivational qoutes to help get the day started!
 I used to do regular Happy Monday postings. This week I am applying this decal to one of my bedroom walls so I see it when I wake up...and remember that each day has power and purpose. Not yesterday or tomorrow, but today.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Notes from a Maine Interior Designer....Best Runners of the Season!

One of my duties as an Interior Designer is transforming spaces that are often overlooked. Have you ever put much thought into your hallway? A few choice pieces can turn one of the most used spaces into your home from blah to SPECTACULAR.
I love a good runner (long rug) because you can do more with pattern. The overall size is smaller so it won't be overwhelming. Get bold!

Angela Adams just introduced her newest collections, "pathways".  If you have ever walked barefoot on her rugs, you can imagine why I am excited about this new collection. Lush, soft, and perfect for chilly nights.
"The series of rugs called "Pathways" are inspired by walks in the woods, on the beach and in the garden. They transform your home into inspiring spaces that remind us of our favorite places in nature and times spent there."
The organic shape is what drew me to the collection. The flowing lines and lack of hard edges will transform angular  hallways!
"Stream" by Angela Adams. The loop and pile construction means there are different "heights" to the rugs.
"Woods" by Angela Adams, also part of the Pathways collection. Each one is 3'x8', $1800, and can be found at Angela Adam's flagship store in Portland, Maine or online here
Designed by Fiore Interiors and published in the Portland Press Herald.
This is a hallway that I designed over the summer. Simple in its elements (paint, art, rug, lighting) I wanted something that wouldn't clash with the FOUR rooms it opened into but also retain some style. 

The runner is from Portland Rug Design.Julie Omsberg (owner) and I created the color palette (see below). It is wool and silk, the raised circles are silk and incredibly soft. These were a limited edition design. Last I checked there were 2 left in stock so I would contact them directly for availability and pricing:

Creating custom rugs with custom colors. Too fun!

The runner above is an indoor/outdoor runner from dash and albert. These are for those with messy puppies! They can be taken outside and hosed off to clean.  I recommend them for enclosed porches and mudrooms (think salty boots!) Indoor/Outdoor rugs are great for very messy areas. However they are not plush so I recommend a good rug pad to keep it from slipping.  You can buy them locally at

Practical tips for choosing a runner:
-High quality wool and woven silk are good choices. Yes, you will need to clean them once a year or so, but they outlast machine made rugs by decades.
-Don't be afraid of pattern and color. These are small compared to room sized rugs, so have fun.
-Texture! You will be walking on these barefoot at some point, so why not make that an enjoyable experience?
-Don't skimp on the rug pad. It extends the life of the rug and keeps it from moving.
-You can put a runner on top of carpet. Just use the proper rug pad.
Fiore Interiors is a design firm in Portland, Maine. We love shopping locally, attending first friday art walks, puppies, and transforming everyday spaces into beautiful homes.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Home Staging in Maine: featured property...

Fiore Interiors' staging division has EXPANDED greatly over the last year. Have a cool listing outside Portland? No problem. What are my criteria for traveling? Honestly?
1. I need to like your broker. Good ones are easy to work with and have their clients' best interest at heart. It feels like a team effort.
2. The house must be remarkable.

Having said the above, let me introduce 16 Boardwalk Ave, Windham, Maine:
Constructed by a builder, its over 5000 square feet of excellent floor plans, layout, and quality details (granite,wood floors, good light fixtures, great windows, finished basement, etc). Oh and an amazing POOL/backyard/garden. So nice.

Listed by Rick Beal
Mobile: (207) 415-5985 Office: (207) 773-1990