Monday, August 30, 2010

Turquoise Tuesday: the local edition = Angela Adams

Yes, it's Tuesday. I'd like to feature a " Mainer's" beautiful turquoise of course:

  1. I absolutely revere Angela Adams. Her style is unique and use of color is so very Maine. She is very active in the Portland community and I was lucky enough to meet her at a creative entrepreneur's event my first week after moving to Maine.

Enjoy some 100% original designs:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turquoise Tuesday: Symmetrical bliss

With only a few minutes to spare, I give you my Turqouise of the week:

Crate and Barrel, thanks for keeping it simple and chic.
The reason this photo is so eye catching is repetition and symmetry. You can fold it in half and they are mirror images...and great use of color!
Anyone can replicate this look and symmetrical style. It's very user friendly.

The Clara chair. Simple but comfy! I sat on this in their L.A. store. Being rather tall I can be picky about comfortable upholstery, and this was comfortable in spite of being a petite chair. The turqouise is a rather deep, calm shade that pairs easily with many other colors.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Candice Olson: Work with a Designer & Keep Your Style

I love this video because it directly relates to a conversation I had with someone last week...Interior Designers are at their best when they put their personal styles aside and focus on making the client happy.

Here at Fiore Studio we often explain, "Your home should be a reflection of you on your best day".

Thank you Candice Olson for summing it up so clearly.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Turqouise Tuesday-Sunbrella

Following yesterday's post about using Sunbrella fabric indoors, here are some great indoor/outdoor fabric in the Turqouise persuasion:

Love it!

This weaves in shades of blue, green, cream, and beige.

Classic Stripes

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunbrella-Blending Style and Practicality.

Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics have rapidly evolved over the last 10 years. I have seen (and specified) soft textured stripes and even faux chenille textures-all for INDOOR upholstery. Sunbrella leads the way in durable fabrics and supplies the higher end fabric houses such as Kravet, Robert Allen, Pindler and Pindler, etc.

Most of us know sunbrella fabrics apply to outdoor furniture and awnings, but they are beautiful and practical indoors:

GREAT examples from Joe Ruggiero and Sunbrella-Modern, clean upholstery done in outdoor fabric. These aren't your neighbors patio chairs! Obviously Sunbrella does well in sunlight-no need to worry about fabric fading in UV rays. But the most overlooked and valuable benefit of the fabric is how difficult it is to stain! If a child spills his juice box, the doggie jumps up with muddy paws, or glass of wine is spilled-chances are it won't even soak into the fabric to create a stain. Just wipe up and forget about it!

GREAT Idea to do a headboard and coverlet in Sunbrella. Ever fall asleep with hair products still in your hair? Thats what I thought.

Does this look like patio furniture to YOU? I see chic, modern style.
Normal worries about wear and tear can be set at ease. Toddlers? Big Dogs? Yes, you can have a life and a stylish home. :)

Modern chic-in sunbrella!

A custom slipcover in Sunbrella fabric.




Looks like a printed linen, but it's sunbrella...

Questions? Ideas? Urges to reupholster? Email them over to Fiore Studio.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wanderlust: Shell House in Isla Mujeres Mexico

Um, Hel-lo!

Introducing: Casa Caracol Caribbean Paradise

"An Island 20 minute boat ride from Cancun in the Mexican Caribbean, be totally seduced and enchanted by this Romantic Architectural wonder facing the Caribbean Ocean in one of the most beautiful places in the world,180 degrees of open water full of colors you thought existed only in paintings, the constant breeze, the most amazing sunrises and sunsets you can imagine, full moon rising over the ocean."

What an amazing home!


 The architecture and grounds speak for themselves. Amazing! Can't find a right angle anywhere and the curving walls are beautiful.

A peek into one of the bathrooms. Love!

Now for the interior...

Good bones. Poor execution. Let me help you!
Remove: bath mats.
Add one of these large rugs instead:

Plastic dining set? I have higher expectations of an estate so unique. It needs just a brief visit from a professional interior designer to be ready for the pages of any high end shelter magazine. I know "It's a rental", but there are many durable, elegant (and sustainable) resources out there.

The website also mentions the house is a perfect location for a private wedding. How unique!

Full Rental information can be found HERE. Tell them Fiore Studio sent you, and we travel! :)

Summertime, and the living is easy....

I am missing Long Beach right now, so a sublime reference was in order.

New England summers are all the cliche wondefullness I expected. Humidity, seasells, lobster, coastline and (expected but highly underestimated) mosquitos. I am going shell hunting next week (see my shell chandelier blog here). I remember some great spots on the islands off the Maine coast.

Here are some summery images that inspire me. Enjoy!

Savannah, Georgia based artists Sabenati created these one of a kind pieces:

 I would love this in the new Fiore Studio Office!

  Seashells can be transformed into modern, organic, and traditional pieces. Beauty (and creativity) is in the eye of the beholder...who may be at the beach with a bucket in hand.