Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New! Tracy Glover lighting at Fiore

Tracy Glover's work is referred to as "Translucent Poetry"

Fiore Interiors is now carrying this phenomenal line!
"Tracy was an architecture student at Virginia Tech when first mesmerized by a glassblower's photo in a RISD catalogue. Soon she had applied for a transfer and moved to Providence for the glass BFA that would change her life. She has honed her craft in such diverse locales as a 13th century Belgian convent's crystal factory and Dale Chihuly's renowned Pilchuck School of Glass, where she was mentored by Venetian maestri-in-residence.
The furnace burns 24 hours a day with molten glass at the ready. Colored rods, varying in thickness, are cut, fused, rolled and mouthblown in a dance of heat, urgency and vision. Every piece is made to order; Tracy is the sole designer. She and her assistants blow the glass onsite before assembling the components into finished commissioned pieces."

Here is a small sampling of her work. The full catalog and pricing is available through Fiore Interiors.

Chandeliers, sconces, and lamps! (oh my)

Did I mention hardware-both furniture, cabinet, and drapery? Beautiful!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's love. In Turquoise. Again.

Perhaps I am having withdrawals from my Turquoise Tuesday post. Or maybe its all the soft blues I use in Maine Interior Design lately. Whatever it is, this room incorporates some of my personal nuerotic design obsessions.
Please not I do not inflict these on my clients unless requested...
  • I love velvet. See above.
  • I love floor to ceiling simple drapery that control light.
  • I hate big arms on sofas and personally don't want any at all.
  • I PREACH on designing around nuetrals for your foundation pieces so you can change out your accent color.
  • I love turquoise.
  • I am tall and work constantly, so I need a sofa long enough to doze off on...
  • Did I mention I love velvet?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wallpaper Week. Almost.

For some reason this seems to be my year for wallpaper.
I was doing research for a showhouse project, and wanted wall paper with a great gatsby 1920's feeling.  Hints of Art Noveau perhaps. These caught my eye. We'll see which ones make the cut...
From York:
From Thibaut

If you are working on a wallpaper project in New England and need pricing or availability on any of the above, contact Fiore Interiors.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New! Painless Drapery at Fiore Interiors

Drapery is an important ingredient in a well designed home. Unfortunately custom window treatments can get expensive and most often store bought drapery does not delivery the desired result. NEW to Fiore is a "SEMI-CUSTOM" line. SO excited! Here are some examples
The line, Wildcat,offers a specific selection of fabrics (silks, polys, linens,cool textures,and several types of sheers). From there we choose header, ie pleat vs grommet.Then the size, lining (flannel vs blackout or none at all).

The line, Wildcat,offers a specific selection of fabrics (silks, polys, linens,cool textures,and several types of sheers). From there we choose header, ie pleat vs grommet.Then the size, lining (flannel vs blackout or none at all).
Obviously you need a designer with years of experience to guide you. Rather important. (moi!)
And last but not least, are the details! We can add layers of fabric, quilt it, or indulge in embellishments for a more tailored look.
My Favorite:
both the sheers and the silk panels (curtains) are embellished.

So for SPRING Fiore Interiors will be offering deep discounts on our new Semi Custom line of drapery. Drop us a line, call, or facebook for a consult.

layered silk

Greek Key embellishment on Linen

Embellished Sheers and "trio" effect, using 3 different fabrics on one panel

More "Trio"

Grommet top treatment, banded bottom on the sheers.Love it!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stairway(s) to Heaven?

I enjoy taking a break from practical residential design to just dream a bit.
EeStairs was a recent discovery, and pleasant surprise. With offices in UK, Canada, and the Netherlands, their work spans the globe.
Form, Function, or Passion? These stairs celebrate all three. Enjoy.
so many lines, so little time.

Would love to see how the rest of this private residence turned out.

Spiral stair with floating wood treads and a stainless steel balustrade

"Cells Staircase"
Private home in Paris

this shot reminds me of one of my favorite things:
                             I love nautlius shells because they are the perfect golden ratio, also called divine proportion.. If you like Math, or even art and theory, read up on it here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Local Wednesdays-Celebrating Maine Artists and Artisans:Ellen Thayer

I am blessed to live in a city that is overflowing with creativity. Once a week I will be highlighting artists and artisans that live in Maine. From art, to photography-to furniture and fashion...if it incorporates color and inspiration (and if I could use it tastefully as an Interior Designer in Maine) then you will find it here. On Wednesdays.

Ellen Thayer is an artist in South Portland, Maine with many artistic talents. I am quite taken with her painting, color, and obviously unique applications of both.

While she does traditional oil paintings (my favorites are the mesmerizing water reflections) she is also creating one of a kind "hearth art".

While she does traditional oil paintings (my favorites are the mesmerizing water reflections) she has also created one of a kind "hearth art".

I love these pieces because they are built for something practical: covering a fireplace during the non working months, yet they incorporate beauty and add authenticity to a space at the same time.
Yes, I also am inclined to like ANYTHING pretty that pairs well with warm weather.
"tree of life"

Ellen has also begun to do a small collection of screens with shells. This is not your typical shabby chic/glued piece. She creates them with intense attention to detail and the inspirations span nautical, traditional, and nature (above).

"Each is a very substantial, one-of-a-kind piece of functional art which becomes the focal point of the room when a fireplace is unused and the space feels dark and cool. I envision them as family heirlooms as well."- Ellen Thayer
I should also add she works with a professional woodworker to ensure the screens themselves are structurally sound and can handle the weight.

You can see more on her website here or contact her directly at