Monday, September 28, 2009

Seeking Reincarnation

Recycled Venetian Blinds? Who knew? 

Table 433 utilizes a new recycled material called BLINDWood which is entirely sourced from venetian blind offcuts. The table consists of 433 elements which are hand selected and laminated, giving the design its unique look. Unlike other offcut materials, this laminate is not recognizable as an offcut material, but overwhelms the viewer with its visual appeal.

I picture this in front of a Crate and Barrel Petrie Sofa.

It seems this Aussie creation is no longer available, according to DieFabrik's website.A truly green product, the table came in 2 sizes but could be shipped flat packed-in furniture speak this cuts down on transportation costs, shipping, taking up space on boats/trucks, etc.

The words "reclaimed wood" have become so trendy that credibility is ignored. It's a bit of a design tease as well, insinuating  all things eco-friendly, responsible, and green are created equal. That hipster reclaimed wood coffee table from India put a whole lot of emissions into the air-both in the chemicals they sprayed on it to the diesel burned by the freighter and freight truck. No verifiable information as to what was reclaimed or why. It's as green as cash. Buy it because you love the piece, hope it was actually created from otherwise wasted wood, and move on.

If you are looking for a greener shade of responsibility, look for recycled products. Perhaps we will see more products like the inspiring Table 433 come back to life on our side of the pond once vendors see a growing market.

P.S. When the PC police come looking for me, please raise bail $ by taking your recyclables in for cash. :)

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