Friday, November 6, 2009

The Lost City of Atlantis...

Has been found in Dubai

(which is a much MUCH larger international topic)

from conception

to construction only seen in UAE

To Earning the title "Most Beautiful Resort in the World"
and is the only resort to be rated 7 stars.

Being the cancer (crab) that I am, this looks like the type of fun I wish they would let me have at my local aquarium.

But what makes this resort undeniably superior is the exquisite attention to detail
by one of the world's best interior design firms, Wilson & Associates.

The lobby’s centrepiece is a 33' high sculpture with over 3,000 pieces of hand blown glass said to have taken almost two years to create. It is surrounded by a reflection pool. This is Dale Chihuly’s first installation in the Middle East. Surrounding it are eight architectural sea snake columns. The ceilings feature eight handpainted murals by Spanish Artist Albino Gonzalez telling the story of the ancient mythological city of Atlantis. He is one of the world's foremost interpreters of ancient mythology.
Considering the story of Atlantis was originally told by Plato, the murals in the resort are  layered with paint, history and fantasy.

 Can you imagine waking up in this suite? SWEET!

I will pretend my aquarium game on facebook is this exciting.

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Rob said...

Wait, that girl isn't in a burqa...