Saturday, April 3, 2010

Color Love: Orange

Blissfully exhausted working on two projects in the South Bay. Two very different homes, but the common ground is ORANGE.
Yes this color has been trending strong for a couple years now.
I worked with orange in 2007, photos are on my site.Orange really got popular in 2009 as the pantone color of the year was mimosa, and designers were inspired by citrusey goodness and color.

What is different is the absence of chocolate or white. Lately I have been using charcoal and grey instead of chocolate and tan as nuetrals. Color pops against nuetrals.  People are warming to a cooler nuetral.


I will post before and after photos of my projects of course, but until then here are some inspiration photos of the MANY ways to incorporate the color orange into a well designed home.

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tscarlet said...

Fun! We're bringing a little citrus splash into our kitchen with handmade mini pendants we found on etsy: copper frame with handmade golden ochre paper shades. Can't wait to see them up!