Monday, May 31, 2010

Settling In

I have moved from California to New England.
Definitely the biggest move I have ever experienced.
Day 5 of New England life and I am finally finding my notes, my socks, and the kitty is relaxing.
A pallet containing the balance of my belongings is en route. In the mean time I am getting caught up on wrapping up California projects and mapping out my objectives here. There will be still be plenty of travel to the west coast for design clients, but it's no longer "home".

There is a plethora of shells everywhere. Not the cute little ones from the pacific ocean, but large thick ones from the cold waters of the Atlantic. My goal this year is to make a chandelier similar to the one below:

I have been lusting over Oly's lighting since I discovered (and put in many homes) in 2005:

Anti-DIY by nature, I am lover of design but allergic to crafts so this will be interesting.
Coastal living seems to be my fate, regardless of temperature. It's time to embrace and treasure it.

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