Monday, April 25, 2011

Floor dilemma

This is more Miz M, who works from home and has concrete floors in her office space. She wants color and style. I wanted to post them in a private album on FB so I didn't have to worry about citing sources-but the facebook is being uncooperative. So here you go:

A diamond pattern, perhaps in Apple and Black tones would add green (for prosperity :) and tie in the black furniture. We should also add cool hanging black lights/lanterns.

this is on wood, but you get the idea

This must be done with a STENCIL do not attempt to freehand :) for more ideas see design sponge blog
You could paint an area rug!

Another great option is staining the floors a warm tone. It's pretty easy if you are wanting a mottled/organic effect. See the DIY instructions here.

And last but not least, this floor was done by a professional artist and we would probably have to sell your firstborn  to pay for it, but isn't it fun?

See you Wednesday!

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