Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Maine Real Estate Staging: What to do with a modern loft?

 What do you do with a loft in downtown Portland that:
Has gorgeous views...

A building with a cool modern vibe...
 but potential buyers don't know how to use the space?
Open floor plans are both a blessing a curse. I love to live in them, but it can be hard to help people see the potential. So Fiore Interiors staged the loft with more than just "stuff". In a space like this, light and space are actual design elements.

Kitchen, featuring  Surf/Windy Bluff on metal by David Wade via Vox Photographs.
Original art from local artists lends authenticity to the space and to the experience.
ART: Sunrise II, Barbara Goodbody via Vox Photographs
So much usable square footage and sunlight for DAYS.
I didn't feel that I should stage every inch of the space. On area could be transformed into an office, art studio, or add a wall and create a second bedroom. The possibilities are endless. So I staged it as an art studio to help show the size and potential. Art: art: Pier #2, Freddy Silva via VOX Photographs

And...original art by ME. No, it is not a new calling. I literally needed a custom color for a piece of art and knew I would not find it ready made. So I had some fun, and then used a blow dryer to get it dry in time to install! 
Sneak peek at the bedroom area!
art: Skies #9 on metal, Audra Welton via VOX photographs
As always, thank you to Michael Berube, my fantastic real estate photographer.

MLS#: 1026920, 21 Chestnut St, Portland ME. Listed by Chris Saladino of Ocean Gate Realty.

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