Monday, January 18, 2010

Edamame-it's not just food.

As the world’s focus on environmental sustainability quickly increases, that of the interior design world does as well. In choosing furniture, we at the Sofa Company believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style, comfort, or options in order to maintain a green lifestyle. That’s why we are now offering yet another option for filling your new sofa, loveseat, or chair: Foamex’s Reflex Natural foam, an innovative filling solution that combines three unique characteristics into one great product.
(1) Petroleum–based materials that are usually used in foam are replaced with plant based, renewable, raw materials. These natural materials are super durable and comfortable, and you can rest easily on your new sofa knowing that after you’re done with it, a significant portion of it is recyclable. 
(2) Foamex’s unique Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology is used in manufacturing Reflex Natural, cutting down a great deal of emissions that usually go along with making foam. Lucky for you, this technique also creates a much higher quality cushion, with your choice of firmness and density, for the ultimate personalized comfort level.
(3) The Reflex Natural foam contains halogen-free fire retardants, which are not only much less hazardous to the environment, they also provide improved retarding of flame spread and smoke development.

Thank you to the Sofa Company for educating me about Soy foam seats. They were also very honest about the fact that the product is too new to truly test the resiliency-BUT-soy foam in an inexpensive "upgrade" so its very little risk. Considering how many hours we spend sitting and breathing on our sofas, its worth it. 
Disclaimer: Edamame are cooked baby soybeans and not actually made into foam :)

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