Saturday, May 8, 2010

Design Dilemma: Barstools

Once in awhile I come across a design "delimma" worth sharing. This week its barstools. More specifically, counter stools. A design client is stressed over not being able to find shallow barstools and feels that barstools should be flush with the counter when not in use. I was asked to elaborate on what is "normal".
Well, unless you have a tight walkway (less than 36" from back of stool to wall/cabinet, etc) then don't stress over it. Stools need to be functional and have room for both adults and children to sit. I am a big believer in fine tuning the details of a home-but sometimes you need let practicality rule the day.
Below are the photos I emailed that client to help them understand the dilemma was normal. He returned his barstools anyway, and I am hoping the counter stool  journey comes to an end soon :)

All images via house beautiful

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