Friday, February 25, 2011

Seashells by the Seashore: February Giveaway

Natural, Nautical, and almost ORganic

The winner must live in the US and if out of state we will mail the accessories to you.
There is a design trend, or shall I say movement, referred to as "Vintage Revamped".  I have heard that "Today’s consumer has a nostalgic affinity for treasured pieces that remind them of the past…
but they do not want their homes to look like a museum. "
Sea bottles with various toppers-shells, coral, old chandelier crystals, make great accessories. We get something that is not only beautiful but one of a kind. Like us, of course. :)
Natural, Nautical, and almost Organic. Whats not to love?

These two lovelies came from a boutique in Falmouth, Maine.  I will be giving them away when Fiore's facebook page hits 400 fans.

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