Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good Design Sells-but who sells it?

My staging Mantra is "Good design sells".
I get asked ALL the time, who do I recommend to list property with?
Here is a short list of people I have worked closely with and am comfortable recommending.
Interview a couple people, see who you mesh with. It is a personal choice and I can't dictate that.  This list simple comes from working repeatedly with these pros and seeing much of what clients don't see: hard work, true concern for clients well being, excellent market knowledge.
 It is more than knowing or liking a Realtor-I know and like plenty. It is REPEATEDLY working with them. Hoping repeating the word repeating has repetitive impact. Er, moving on...they also all work with buyers, and I am happy to recommend:

Richard Beal
Primary:(207) 253-3180
Cell:(207) 518-8637

Anne Marie Cooke
Primary:(207) 553-1306
Cell:(207) 838-4705


Tom Landry
Primary:(207) 775-0248
Cell:(207) 939-0185

Glenn Reeves
 Primary:(207) 749-4509
Cell:(207) 749-4509

Bridgette Lynch Vermette
Primary:(207) 553-2680
Cell:(207) 318-3421

Yes, they are all in alphabetical order

Happy Selling!

Successful Realtors partner with designers and stagers. Why? Because they are busy. Busy doing their jobs, marketing your properties, and finding you a home. If they spent the time staging all their properties themselves, they are not producing volume sales. The stager does what they do full time, and therefore are quite skilled at it. It is very, very simple. 

Professional Stagers Are:
  • Trained. Either in Interior Design or a lengthy staging course. Not a one day online webinar. Not with their self taught style (that is an oxymoron by the way).
  • Insured. 
  • RESA members. (REAL ESTATE STAGING ASSOC). I am RESA PRO, and am the only one in Maine who is. Requires a certain amount of time in business, no lawsuits or complaints, insurance, code of ethics, CEU's....It seperates hobbyists from pro's.
  • Own their own inventory. The best ones warehouse it-seriously. I do, and it's a pain. But I can achieve any style, on any budget. That is value.
  • Have a portfolio of a broad range of houses-style, price, Realtor. 
  • Do not knock off my logo (while this is funny, it's not a joke).

Fiore Interiors is an Interior Design firm in Portland, Maine. We specialize in Real Estate Staging. We are not Realtors. We are not in house for any one specific Realtor. We happily help Realtors and homeowners sell their homes for the best value and least days on the market. We design a smoother sales process. 

Feel welcome to contact us here.

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