Saturday, June 30, 2012

Notes from a Maine Interior Designer: inspired wire

To date, over 1000 people have stopped and stared at the chandelier inside my guest bedroom space at the Kennebunkport Designers' Showhouse.
I can only show you tiny glimpses until AFTER the tour ends on July 14th. 
Here you go:

Reclaimed wood, gilded steel, xenon bulbs-all designed and made in Maine!
WHAT you say? Yes. I worked with Inspired Wire Studio, whom I met a year ago and have been quietly watching from afar. After deciding that 1. their quality was fabulous and 2. I simply dig their creative process (inspired, a joy to interact with, and GOOD), I asked if they would like to work with me on this endeavor. Lucky for me they said yes. I submitted my design "concept" (below) and we collaborated on the design. I knew I would love whatever they made, since they understood and connected with my vision.
(click on image to enlarge).
This common understanding of vision is the same process they use working with clients directly. They create custom lighting. Hence the name Inspired Wire Studio! Below are a few pieces I really like from their portfolio:
simple mini pendant

The diffuser is genius.

They did the chandelier, sconces, etc, all for the same client.
As an interior designer, I love sharing my local sources.
Thank you, Inspired Wire Studio!

Talk to:

Maine Studio:
11 Cedar Street
Portland, ME 04101


T: 207-776-0589

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