Monday, August 3, 2009

Fabulous for Renters

Fiore is crazy over Ferm! Thank you to Ferm Living for bringing high style to all of us.

Why hindered by the fear of losing your security deposit when edgy, individual style is possible...that can be easily installed and removed. Magazine quality style? Well, maybe not Architectural Digest but closer to Dwell.
Some of my favorite resources for renters include wall stickers. They go up (and down) easily, creating that often overlooked MUST- a focal point! Here are the best:

Ferm has some of the most attractive and unique Wall stickers (and wallpaper) on the market. The larger ones are great to above the bed in spaces too small for bedroom furniture.

There are plenty of blogs that show you how to use wallpaper to refurbish old furniture. This isn't one of them (see the experts at apartment therapy or my favorite Design Sponge for how to's)I am not an advocate of designing on a dime to the detriment of society-cheap isn't always genius! So the key to this concept is one piece per living space (if its an open floorplan-that's one space!). LESS IS MORE! Be Brave with color!

I think this photo originally came from apartment therapy, its been passed all over the blogosphere.

We are currently working on Miss Lala's rental home. Its a historic building (as is our humble abode). Wall stickers and portable chandeliers are part of the plan for her office (yes, the office). Photos to follow.

Can't get the lighting you desire because your rent not own? No recessed lighting plans in the lease? Not a problem. The key is to layer the lighting in your rented home. Your general lighting is that not so flattering overhead light that is standard, or a floor lamp We used to recommend replacing with a pink bulb (men cover your ears) as its more flattering to all skin tones. Scratch that. Replace them with low wattage, eco friendly bulbs instead. NEXT is task lighting or table lamps. Don't settle for those thin stick lamps from wal mart, ok renters? Get something with style.

The Candice Olson lamp in my office, thank you AFlighting.

Your third and often most fun layer is Accent lighting. This can be a sconce or a faux chandelier. WHAT? A chandelier in a rental? Yes you can! Get a chandelier that is a pendant style (cord not hardwired). They are affordable, portable, stylish, and all this light will help your eyes stay younger, longer.

Contemporary Capiz from West Elm

Romantic/Traditional from Lamps Plus

Ultra Mod (and $30 ) from Ikea

This is not hobby or apartment advice blog. This is part of MY life, a single professional woman who lives in LA and consequently rents. I have specified lighting , decor, and interior design for multi-million dollar homes and also for friends' first apartments out of the dorms. All are precious to me. Treat yourself to a happy nest! All souls deserve good design.

xoxo, V.

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