Sunday, August 16, 2009

Recycled Chic

Who knew?
I visited Pacific Gallery in Laguna Beach and was pleased to discover something truly eco-conscious and fun.
Glass bottles are flattened in a kiln and either hung on a wall or used as a tray or decorative platter. They have been coated and are safe for food. Bottles range from Pacifico beer to Captain Morgans rum (excellent "man" gifts) to a beautiful assortment of wine bottles. At $29 (or less)each, its also an affordable gift, you'll spend more than that at a big box store.

Thank you to:
PACIFIC GALLERY228 Forest Avenue Laguna Beach, CA 92651 for your fantastic selection of art, gifts, and impeccable hospitality.
images from until I can convince my camera to upload the photos (it is misbehaving at the moment).

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Bridal Queen said...

I love this! Very cute. Perfect for Champagne Tasting parties. :)