Thursday, August 6, 2009

The other site.

The FioreInteriors 411:

You ask why it's not finished yet .Why is the horrible temporary page o' mediocrity still up? Here is a recap:
1. The design I want is impractical so I am working on settling for something else.
2. I am already working a ton and finding time to finish #1 simply isn't there.
3. It costs thousands to photograph finished houses. I have tried explaining this to the student loan people and they disagree that the world will benefit more from seeing pro photos of my design jobs rather than paying my loans. I know, they are crazy and but perhaps existing within a gray cubicle all day is bad for the soul.
4. In 2008 I tried unsuccessfully to find a design partner and expand. The first talented person didn't show up/call on our first meeting with a client. The second person I referred clients too (rather than partner) took many days if ever to return phone calls. Such is life, and Fiore Interiors got put on the back burner until I felt like dealing with it.
I will try to have it finished in October. I promise. Mostly. In the mean time I am working (and thankful) and this lovely blog is quite fun.
To everything there is a season,a time for every purpose under the sun. (ecclesiastes)

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