Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Organic Whimsy

Free Form...Free from boredom!

Sometimes you just stop and enjoy a piece of furniture because of fun or beauty.
Or to giggle and begin the process of justifying a purchase.

Even better when it's named something that makes you giggle, and is sustainably made so you don't feel guilt pangs for liking it.
I give to you the "Stink Tree" by Dylan Gold.
42w x 32d x 14h
The Stink Tree is shrouded in mystery. Is the name derived from its resemblance to the poisonous Chinese sumac tree? Or is it a subtle mockery of the often-too-serious modern furniture subculture and the designer's contemporaries...? And how did he manage to paint those interior crevices? We may never know
Solid recycled MDF, FSC certified wood veneer, black stain, polyurethane finish.
Available with custom veneer top.

If I was using this in a client's home I would probably pair it with a simple modern sofa but use chairs that continue to play with line and shape, perhaps Candice Olson's Beckett chair.

Another giggle was provided by Viva Terra in the form of stools. I love stools and petite accent ottomans for seating in a pinch.

Renowned South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan takes her inspiration from nature, and uses felt to give free rein to her imagination. Socially conscious as well as gifted, Jordaan has set up a women's workshop in Gauteng- Johannesburg-where her personally trained artisans transform interlocking fibers, made from 100% merino wool, into these freeform oversized "stone" floor cushions. Though they may fool the eye, they provide immediately recognizable comfort to weary torsos in search of a relaxing seat. Soft yet buoyant, the veined, smooth textured cushions can be arranged to support seat and back. Children love them. Parents love them. Guests love them, too. Hand washable in cold water.

The stools remindme of a new product that beloved Anthropologie recently introduced, Fiat Luxe Felted Soap, described "as moisturizing, handmade soaps are wrapped in softly spun, naturally anti-fungal wool to create an exfoliating, fragrantly lathering, long-lasting bathtime gizmo". I just thought they looked fun and the felt covers can be reused.
Viva Terra also has a small mat of similar stoned proproportions. (c'mon it's too easy) .

Surya debuted a brand new style at Las Vegas Market last week:
Does organic whimsy have the potential to be a mini trend?

Last but not least is the Cinderella table. Sadly it shall remain an art piece as only 20 were made and most reside in museums. A few are available for purchase should I accidently win the lottery (though I am told you have to actually play to win). Sigh.
Interesting Juxtaposition of Organic Art made possible by technology (CAD-CAM). Details found here.

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