Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chesterfield Madness

Modern interpretations of  the classic chesterfield sofa have been trending strongly for several years.

For the more technical folks: The term "chesterfield" is a Canadian term equivalent to couch or sofa. The use of the term has been found to be widespread among older Canadians, but is quickly vanishing from Canadian English according to one survey done in the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario in 1992.[4] In the United Kingdom, the word refers to a particular style of sofa featuring a low rolled back and deep buttoning.

For you visual types, here are my favorite interpretations of the chesterfield. In some cases I use the term interpretation VERY loosely:

Ahhhh the sofa at the top of the frenzy (Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams)
Traditional Upscale Manufacturer Drexel Heritage getting their hipster groove on, above and below.
Horchow/Neiman Marcus' stylish selections:

Some crazy/glam tufted fabulousness from Haute House. I love their boldness!

Some other great inspirations for you-when on a hunt for a specific look, bring photos of your style as your search! It helps furniture stores help you!

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