Sunday, September 5, 2010

Out of the Box: What Watt? Chandelier- A Green commentary

What Watt?

What Watt? is a memorial to and a celebration of the humble incandescent lightbulb. It’s a spherical chandelier, 1010mm in diameter made up of 1243 suspended bulbs of various shape and size, illuminated by a single low-energy light source. By 2011, all forms of incandescent light bulb will have been phased out in favour of greener alternatives. What Watt? marks the passing of a beautiful design that has remained relatively unchanged since its invention 130 years ago.
Only 10 of these were made-obviously it was detailed and time consuming work. I think of how delicate the glass is and wonder how the installations went!

Incandescent bulbs are a way of the past. They are outlawed in many EU countries. Most of us Portland Maine (ers) are well versed in CFLs already. I love this artistic farewell to what was a part of life for over 100 years. Onward!

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