Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creative Uprising: Online Shelter Magazines Alive and Booming!

Earlier in the year we wrote about print magazines closing (see article here) and great online magazines such as Lonny launching (go here).

Here is the current round up of shelter magazines.  One of the nice things about being online is they are FREE to enjoy. However,  if you lust for  the feel of glossy heavy weight paper, like to bookmark with folded corners, and the habit of keeping design magazines in stacks brings you joy...several of these magazines are ready for subscribers!

Kelly LaPlante (Organic Interior Design) founded "The Standard" and launched it this month. In a nutshell, she believes green should be a standard and not a trend.

As a NEW resident of Maine I find it so much easier to live sustainably in Portland than I did in Los Angeles. The magazine connects with my soul. I am so over green washing and applaud this step forward. The article about graypants is my favorite...

Lonny Magazine is still going strong...still has a decidedly east coast flair with a BROAD range of topics.

New to the scene is RUE. Because it is SO NEW I will let you discover it for yourself:

While printed shelter magazines are making a recovery in 2010 (details here), I find it encouraging that out of a rough economy came wonderful online shelter magazines...that are free for all to enjoy. The inherent cravings for creativity and beauty cannot be dampened or denied. Fiore Studio believes that good design should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget.

p.s. Alice this is for you

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