Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Well Designed Black Friday (List)

I am not Oprah. Though I wish I was (who doesn't?). But like all shoppers I have my list of wants and dreams. Black Friday frightens me because you can end up buying complete crap (sorry) because it's on sale. So I dug a little deeper into MY favorite things, both local here in Maine and nation wide, to find GOOD design that will be impervious to things like buyer's remorse. And yes, they ARE ON SALE today.

By request, the list also covers a range of prices, from higher to lower, because Fiore philosophy=good design should be accessible to all.


To lay your weary heads on...or to recline in style:

Mandala by AphroChic
"A diagram of the universe and a map to the human mind, the Mandala represents the infinite expanse of the self – a reality glimpsed only in dreams"
100% Belgian Linen, yummy smushy cotton feather down insert, Measures 22" x 22" $140.00
 Use Promo code HOLIDAY at checkout for a 15% discount, good until 11/29.
dear santa, please send me a mandala so I may dream more often...

And since Company C is doing a buy one get one half off promotion...get two! $130 or $195 for two.

My favorite style on a budget pillow is from Tar-jay (Target)

$24.99 sounds fine.

Ok I have TWO favorite patterns. Above is Birch/Evening and Below is Ocean/Sand and Ocean/Seaglass

I love these rugs down to the tips of my toes-LITERALLY. I have walked on them barefoot and the plush texture is ALMOST more amazing thant the design. You will want to get your shoes off asap. Even a smaller rug next to your bed, where your bare feet hit the floor every morning, will make a huge difference.
SALE CODE is EARLYBIRD and use it here
For a totally different look, try the textile inspired AMY Butler collection:

Available through Fiore this collection is 20% off and free shipping on orders of 2 rugs or more. Email and mention this blog, and the offer is good until December 24th.

If you'd like to do some good while shopping and still look fabulous, check out these Key pendants from SPARKLESFOREVER. 10% of all sales go to help educate girls in impoverished nations. Enter code S4C1 at check out
If you are craving some of this organic/birdie trends, then try the handcrafted Mom & Two Babies Lovebird Necklace from Turtle Love Co.

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