Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Local Wednesdays-Celebrating Maine Artists and Artisans:Ellen Thayer

I am blessed to live in a city that is overflowing with creativity. Once a week I will be highlighting artists and artisans that live in Maine. From art, to photography-to furniture and fashion...if it incorporates color and inspiration (and if I could use it tastefully as an Interior Designer in Maine) then you will find it here. On Wednesdays.

Ellen Thayer is an artist in South Portland, Maine with many artistic talents. I am quite taken with her painting, color, and obviously unique applications of both.

While she does traditional oil paintings (my favorites are the mesmerizing water reflections) she is also creating one of a kind "hearth art".

While she does traditional oil paintings (my favorites are the mesmerizing water reflections) she has also created one of a kind "hearth art".

I love these pieces because they are built for something practical: covering a fireplace during the non working months, yet they incorporate beauty and add authenticity to a space at the same time.
Yes, I also am inclined to like ANYTHING pretty that pairs well with warm weather.
"tree of life"

Ellen has also begun to do a small collection of screens with shells. This is not your typical shabby chic/glued piece. She creates them with intense attention to detail and the inspirations span nautical, traditional, and nature (above).

"Each is a very substantial, one-of-a-kind piece of functional art which becomes the focal point of the room when a fireplace is unused and the space feels dark and cool. I envision them as family heirlooms as well."- Ellen Thayer
I should also add she works with a professional woodworker to ensure the screens themselves are structurally sound and can handle the weight.

You can see more on her website here or contact her directly at


Ellen said...

Thank you for the lovely profile, Vanessa. My new website is now active where your clients and friends will be able to view the hearth art as well as the other media with which I work.

Happy Spring!
Ellen Thayer

Vanessa Helmick said...

Thanks Ellen,I updated the link! The new website is beautiful!