Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stairway(s) to Heaven?

I enjoy taking a break from practical residential design to just dream a bit.
EeStairs was a recent discovery, and pleasant surprise. With offices in UK, Canada, and the Netherlands, their work spans the globe.
Form, Function, or Passion? These stairs celebrate all three. Enjoy.
so many lines, so little time.

Would love to see how the rest of this private residence turned out.

Spiral stair with floating wood treads and a stainless steel balustrade

"Cells Staircase"
Private home in Paris

this shot reminds me of one of my favorite things:
                             I love nautlius shells because they are the perfect golden ratio, also called divine proportion.. If you like Math, or even art and theory, read up on it here.


anothermaine said...
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anothermaine said...

Sacred Geometry is one of my favourite subjects!
I like these links on the subject as it applies to my trade:



And Here

Vanessa Helmick said...

Thanks MBE!