Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New! Tracy Glover lighting at Fiore

Tracy Glover's work is referred to as "Translucent Poetry"

Fiore Interiors is now carrying this phenomenal line!
"Tracy was an architecture student at Virginia Tech when first mesmerized by a glassblower's photo in a RISD catalogue. Soon she had applied for a transfer and moved to Providence for the glass BFA that would change her life. She has honed her craft in such diverse locales as a 13th century Belgian convent's crystal factory and Dale Chihuly's renowned Pilchuck School of Glass, where she was mentored by Venetian maestri-in-residence.
The furnace burns 24 hours a day with molten glass at the ready. Colored rods, varying in thickness, are cut, fused, rolled and mouthblown in a dance of heat, urgency and vision. Every piece is made to order; Tracy is the sole designer. She and her assistants blow the glass onsite before assembling the components into finished commissioned pieces."

Here is a small sampling of her work. The full catalog and pricing is available through Fiore Interiors.

Chandeliers, sconces, and lamps! (oh my)

Did I mention hardware-both furniture, cabinet, and drapery? Beautiful!

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