Thursday, September 15, 2011

PSO Designer's Showhouse & Artist Freddy Silva

 "I believe an image should ask the viewer to participate," says Freddy Silva, whose photographs attempt to capture those fleeting moments where the line between the tangible and imagined are blurred. And in requesting you to look closer, you find yourself dissolving into another world. His etherial photographic images mirror his work as a best-selling author who writes about ancient sacred monuments, where the veil between worlds is thinner. All this questing takes him all around the world, which explains why he holds three nationalities.

Residence: Portland, ME
Sources of Inspiration: Evans Notch, and headlands around Popham
Favorite Qoutes/words of wisdom: "Wherever you go, there you are."

I find his work mesmerizing.
My current obsession is his Pier #2, which I had put on metal rather than the traditional print/frame (going for the unexpected in the showhouse!).

"Pier #2, is it real or imagined? This etherial image reflects that fine line between worlds we often miss, the place where magic and surreal combine. Shot during a break in fog around Popham, ME, it is a moment where the mind can wander into places less travelled, and when thoughts can be stilled."-Freddy Silva

Freddy is represented by:
Heather Frederick, Director

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