Sunday, September 4, 2011

PSO Showhouse Countdown: History and Inspiration via VOX Photographs

The PSO Designer's Showhouse is unique in that the house itself was built in 1920. The house was built in 1920 atop a portion of the John Bundy Brown Estate which was destroyed in 1915. Architect John P. Thomas built this spacious stone and slate tudor complete with a servants’ wing and chauffeur’s apartment above the garage for James C. Hamlen and his family (related to Hannibal Hamlin, Abraham Lincoln’s Vice President). (VIA PSO website)

So it's natural that my original design concept included art from the Maine Heritage Collection by VOX Contemporary Photography. I have worked with this Gallery before for my design clients, and am consistently amazed and the volume and quality of photographers that VOX represents.
Here is a glimpse into the Heritage pieces I am using-and you will have to guess WHICH ONES are actually in the house!
John Carleton Bicknell was born on May 28, 1871. At the age 7 he nearly lost his life, and did lose his right arm, after falling out of a tree. Bicknell’s photographic business started circa 1902. The Golden Age of Hand-Painted Photography was 1900-1940.  And with his studio located in Portland, he just happened to be working in one of the hotbeds of early 20th century hand-painted photography. Yet, although the hand-painted photography craze slowly declined during the 1930’s depression, we see that the Bicknell Picture Co. stayed in business into the early 1960’s and beyond. The vast majority of Bicknell pictures were taken in Maine, including Portland, Rangeley, Eustis, Bethel, and many other areas. He also took pictures in New Hampshire (North Conway, Franconia Notch), Vermont, and several other states. (Via unravel the gavel)

Ralph Farnham Blood

Ralph Farnham Blood's photography dates back to the 1930's and his wife, Laura Blood, hand colored all the photographs.The White House owns a large original of “Portland Head Light, 1931″.
VoxPhotographs sells contemporary, Maine Heritage and vintage works and all are represented in the spaces that Fiore Interiors designed.
"Photographs are my passion. I am not a photographer myself, but love the medium." says director Heather Frederick. When asked for her favorite inspirational qoute, she responded:
“And you will find out that there are all sorts of ways of learning not only from people and books, but from sheer trying.” – Gertrude Jekyll

My sincerest thanks to Heather at Vox Photographs for helping give my creative visions historic authenticity.-Vanessa @ Fiore Interiors.


Heather Frederick, Director

I would also like to recommend the framing gallery and printing house that did such beautiful work. Simple, elegant framing is so important and quality printing is vital to these fragile images. Thank you:
Framing by Christine's Gallery

Lincolnville, ME

Prints by Nickelson Editions
Camden, ME

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