Saturday, September 3, 2011

Portland Symphony Orchestra 2011 Designer's Showhouse Countdown!

One week to go!
I have been getting MANY questions about the process, so lets address them...

149 Western Promenade, Portland!
For those of you who are wondering, gracious homeowners (Ed Gardner and Steve DiMuccio) moved out of their home and allowed 17 designers to each have their own space to design, create, and often demo/rebuild. Each designer funds their participation. Why? Because this is the largest fundraiser for the Portland Symphony Orchestra, and only occurs every 2-3 years. Hundreds of volunteers participate.
The designers compete to earn a spot within the house. We submit proposals, and a board/committee chooses which design they feel best fits the space.

Showhouse board members Tracy Davis, Susan Dench, and Ed Gardner contemplating my presentation.

More of the other presentations in the background, mine is in Susan's hand.
We install our designs from August 4th-August 31st. This year was a bit different as the projects included a kitchen upgrade/remodel, new tile in the upstairs bath, and a complete remodel of the master bath. Many of the spaces had only a few days to install because of the construction debris. It was a bit like an episode of Extreme Home Makeover! So far all of the results have been beautiful and the remodeling is a beautiful mix of modern technology with respect to the historic character of the house.

The September 2011 issue of Down East magazine contains the designer profiles as well as a schedule of events, which can also be found on the PSO page HERE

I can finally show my design presentation  for my space. Many changes occur from concept to completion, so I am not giving anything away. This is simply a peek into how my creative brain works.
This was my inspiration board created MANY months ago. Highlighting local artists, Maine's history, organic colors, and art noveau lines.

My concept for the first floor

My concept for the second floor
TICKETS can be purchased through PORTtix or by calling (207) 842-0800. They are $25 and you view ALOT of amazing square footage for that price! Tour is open September 10- October 3rd.


Anonymous said...

The fact that granite is a prized type of material to use as kitchen countertops simply means that you are also putting a high value and investment on your property.

Vanessa Helmick said...

Um, right. The kitchen in the showhouse actually has marble.