Sunday, August 7, 2011

Los Angeles Glam or Casual Maine Interior Design?

The Answer is BOTH.
Good design can accomodate and create seperate design styles, often using the same materials.
Introducing Michael Jon Designs fabric at Fiore Interiors.

I traveled to (BACK) to Los Angeles a couple times this summer, and as always I stop into design centers and hipster design boutiques that cater to celebrities/designers. While traveling to the markets in North Carolina, Las Vegas, and New York is great-the strongest trends originate in smaller Hollywood boutiques FIRST. Then they filter through the manufacturers,simplified a bit more for the masses (more on that tomorrow). The photos above and below and from a hipster places that must remain anonymous...
Very glam Hollywood which is their signature look that didn't surprise me. What DID surprise me was the fabric!
MJD, or Michael Jon Designs is an affordable fabric/textiles manufacturer located in Los Angeles. I have an account with them, and go to them for durable, basic fabric. This year they debuted a very fashion forward, colorful collection that I adore.
The fabrics are still AFFORDABLE and hipster style without breaking the bank...unless you are shopping in Hollywood and still paying $4000 for a sofa (see why I won't mention the boutique!).

Here are some of my favorite new patterns:

Ok, the red and orange is not for everyone, but add the orange and red accent pillows to a chocolate or khaki sofa=amazing.
And yes, I am confident this fabric line is suitable for New England. Durable solids and textures, fun patterns, and beautiful color to warm us during cold winters.

The MJD website is here. It's not easy for consumers to navigate which is why I own sample books. Please contact me for further information.

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