Monday, August 8, 2011

The New Normal:Sofas-Tips from a Maine Interior Designer

Last week I worked with a client on space planning a large room. Part of the challenge was the amount of SPACE that large rolled/puffy sofa arms require. Did you know that a track or small arm on a sofa will save you between 12-24 inches of space? Multiply that times the number of upholstered pieces you have in a room...that is how your room got so small. Put your furniture on a diet...
The Griffin Sofa by Ballard Designs will seat just as many people as the larger sofas, but the design itself is why the overall dimensions are smaller (slim arms/back).

The Landon Sofa by Pottery Barn

The last five years has brought about a change in upholstery styles. I am seeing two very defined trends-one celebrates clean, modern lines without sacrificing comfort and tends to be smaller scale, the other incorporates vintage/historic inspired style but less fussy.

Bromeliad Sofa by Fiore Interiors

I was pleasantly surprised by the latest bix box catalogs-Ballard Designs, Pottery Barn, and West Elm. Normally for "big box" stores I head to ZGallerie. Nice to see the rest catching up. The New Normal is now mainstream, ie safe.

Pottery Barn finally got on board with the Chesterfield! I have been blogging about this style sofa for a long time! Catch up  here.

Even the slipcovered look is now more tailored. Solano by Pottery Barn

Your local retailers should have styles similar to the above, in a choice of fabric/leather/configurations. If they don't, email me for advice/direction (

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